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In an empty studio... achy soles of feet and sweat all over your body.. All your social dancer friends are partying somewhere and you have to practice 🤪This may sound awful to some of us who finds practising a dreadful task but we will keep on watching those amazing dancers if we don’t take take pains with necessary training. With a few tips, however, practising can be fun and effective: 📌Always have a goal in mind, this way you won’t waste time thinking about what to work on during your practise. 📌Wear a nice, comfortable practise outfit. It will definetely make you feel better and set the mood. 📌The aim of practising is basically to gain muscle memory for a specific step or technique. So, it is better to repeat the skill or part of your choreography with slow tempo first. 📌Practising alone can have huge benefits to your dancing, and it may prevent future arguments with your partner 😉 📌And remember, you don’t have to practise in the studio only, you can practise weight transfer at the office or work on your balance on the bus! Dancer: @melnikovaannna ❤️ #dancer #dancesport #dancesportlife #dancepractise #aim #focus #perfection #hardwork #wdc #wdsf #goals #dreamer #achiever #annamelnikova


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